Frequently Asked Questions

I have an issue with Ecampus. whom can I talk to? 

You can contact the Registrar Department via phone (0268.455.401) or email at

i need advice on some personal issues. whom can i talk to?

The Student Services Officer is always here to help you, in case of any personal problem that is affecting your student life. Do not hesitate to reach out to her during the office hours or contact her via email -

i need advice regarding my career choices. whom can i talk to? 

The Career & Development Team is the perfect place for this. You can book a session with one of the career counselor (using the Calendly links here) or contact one of the career counselors via email (ana.leah@americanhotelacademy, or

How do I know what fees do I have to pay? Until when? 

All the payment and financial details are specified in the contract that was signed at your admission. In case you have not found the needed information, please contact the Financial Department (

Can you tell me my grades/attendance situation? 

Grades and attendance situation can always be checked on your eCampus profile. For any issues regarding your grades or attendance, please contact our academic department.

I need a medical certificate (“adeverinta”) for the doctor.

You can get them from the Registrar room, anyday between 8:30 and 14:30. We advise you to ask in time for them, as there is a possibility that the documents cannot be issued on the spot. You can send an email at or visit the designated room.